What are iGloves?

Cold hands and touch screens are never a good combination. iGloves are a seemingly normal pair of gloves with a special difference... they work with touch screen devices!

Our gloves are premium quality. With the conductive thread woven into the glove itself so you can use the whole glove to operate your touch screen! This has many advantages such as allowing iPad users to use multi-touch gestures as well as making the gloves look much more stylish and blend into any occasion without looking out of place!

Based in the UK we ship your order via Royal Mail within two days of receiving your payment. We only accept Paypal therefore you can be confident in knowing that you are fully protected when it comes to checking out in our online shop.

iPhone Glove

UK based

Why buy from iGloves.so ?

We are fully Paypal Verified and we are also based in the UK. That means we can get your igloves to you quickly and safely.

At only £6.99 inc postage we have kept our iGloves at the same fantastic competetive price for over 3 years! That is something we are proud of and something im sure all out customers apreciate.

Why Buy iGloves?

  • With a simple minimalist design they will blend in to any occasion.
  • The nature of the material means that one size fits all.
  • At only £6.99 inc postage we are the cheapest in th UK!
  • We also offer gift packaging, just £3, simply select it in the drop down options menu in our shop page.
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